At Home, All Year Round

With so many uses at home or play, enjoy wearing your Slipfree®s all year round.

Great for extra grip on hard floors at home for all ages from pre-walkers finding their feet to adults who want some extra assurance on slippery surfaces. They also offer protection and safety in the bathroom for all ages.

Enjoy the benefits of Slipfree® in garden to protect little ones from the slippery decking or patio when the water play comes out and for those with artificial grass Slipfree® protect feet when the sun is shining on these hot surfaces!

Slipfree® are also perfect for trips to the Soft play, yoga or ballet lessons all year round.

Light, flexible & comfortable, there are no limits to when and where you could choose to wear yours.


At The Pool

Protection and safety in and around the swimming pool.

Firm-grip soles help prevent slipping and sliding on wet and dry surfaces and with such a light and flexible barefoot feel design, they are so easy to swim in.

Offering protection from infection such as verrucas, wearing Slipfree® give you that added peace of mind.

Why not keep them on while showering and changing and then pop them in your swim bag ready to enjoy next time round.



Whether closer to home or abroad, holidays are the perfect setting to enjoy your Slipfree®s.

Swim, surf and play, move freely from beach to pool to waterslide and everywhere in-between.

No more shouting for your kids to stop running round the pool and no more tears when the hot sand or hidden pebbles hurt their little feet.