We all know that parental angst on holiday and at home when our children want to run freely around areas that can be slippery and dangerous. No one likes to constantly shout at their children to ‘Stop Running!’ around the pool on holiday or feel on edge every time they are in a situation they could fall or hurt themselves. We understand the importance of teaching our children poolside safety, but for those times when children (in their excitement to get to the next thing) can’t help but run, Slipfree® can help in keeping them safe.
Slipfree® are designed with children in mind….light and comfortable giving them a barefoot feel and super stretchy so children can easily put them on and take them off themselves. And…… non-slip shoes shouldn’t be boring! From Dinosaurs to Unicorns, and Sharks to Flamingo’s, Slipfree®s fun and colourful designs are beautiful to look at and equally as beautiful to wear!
Slipfree® are designed with parents in mind…. the must-have accessory to a relaxing family holiday! Non-slip, protection from hot sand and floors, protection from infection (verruca’s!) and sharp objects, comfortable so children love to keep them on all day and sun safe with a UPF 50+ rating. Oh, and we make them for adults too!
Slipfree® are designed with everyone in mind…. On holiday, at home on hard floors, at the pool or leisure centre, at the soft play, at the gym, in the garden or bathroom. Designed for all ages and for many places!
A successful global brand, sold in thousands of retail locations around the world, Slipfree® are available in sizes from Infant UK Shoe Size 2 (EU 18) to Adult Shoe Size 11 (EU 45).