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Children's Shoe Size

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Discover the names of different dinosaurs with these bright orange shoes, each one is named making Diplodocus the perfect shoe for fans of all things prehistoric!


 Non-slip soles help prevent slips on wet & dry surfaces.

 High tech soles protect feet on hot sand & floors and provide protection from infection such as verruca's.

 Light & flexible design makes Slipfree® super easy to swim in.

 Sun Safe UPF50+ protection for hours of outdoor fun!

 Quick drying, breathable fabric gives a wonderful barefoot feeling to wear all day.

 Elasticated stretchy fit allows children to easily wear and take off themselves and helps keep out sand & pebbles.

 Reinforced front helps protect those precious toes from sharp objects and rough floors.

 Unique patented design in many exclusive fun and colourful Slipfree® prints.

 Designed for all ages from baby to adult ensuring we have the whole family covered.





Qu: Do you find yourself shouting at your kids to stop running at the swimming pool?

We all know children shouldn't run around the swimming pool, its not safe and can be very dangerous. We also know that children can often forget this rule, however many times we tell them! Wearing Slipfree® shoes at the pool gives you the peace of mind to know that if your child forgets the don't run rule, they are protected from the dangers of slipping and falling!


Qu: How many children can you carry in your arms down to the sea over burning hot sand while that extra weight makes your trip even more searingly painful?

Hands up who knows this pain! It's too hot on the sand and the sea seems so far away. The kids are telling you it's too hot to walk so you scoop them up, as many as you have or can carry and jump from parasol shade to parasol shade until the moment of truth, there is no more shade and you have to make a dash for it. While  you struggle burning your feet, a parent and child stroll past, cool as cucumbers, chatting and laughing on the way for their dip in the sea. How can they endure this searing heat? The answer, they can't feel it, they are wearing Slipfree® .


Qu: Does wrestling your child into a stiff beach shoe have you frazzled and exhausted before the day has begun?

Pick your battles is a great phrase! On that longed for day at the beach, we know what they need; to put on their shoes to protect their feet from sharp objects and the dangers of slipping. Who hasn't had a stand off with a toddler about the shoes they have taken off 2 minutes after the struggle to get them on, telling us they hurt! 

Slipfree® were designed to put an end to this parental battle, A soft shoe with a barefoot feel, easy for your child to put on themselves, a shoe they ask you to wear, a shoe that's so comfortable they want to wear it all day. Loved by children and loved by parents!


Qu: Does your child dislike the feeling of sand on their feet, meaning those days at the beach are more stressful than memorable?

More common than you think! Some children just don't like the feeling of sand and a day on the beach or a holiday abroad can bring about more tears than Niagara Falls. The solution! Pop on a pair of Slipfree® so they experience the barefoot feel but can enjoy the beach and the sea without the fear of the sand between their toes.


Qu: How can I help prevent my child or myself getting a verruca?

The dreaded Verruca? Painful, pesky, hard to get rid off and if you have one, often embarrassing to cover up. Aside from the many other benefits Slipfree® offer to protect your feet, they also offer protection from infection and protection from spreading infection. Not a fan of changing room floors? Swim, Shower and change with your Slipfree® on so you are always covered! 


*Slipfree®s firm-grip soles can help reduce slipping and sliding, however there is always a risk of slipping and falling, please act sensibly whilst wearing

      Customer Reviews

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      Great shoes

      These are perfect for in and out the pool and for on the beach, no more hot sand on little toes


      These are great for my little boy who is just starting to walk. Bought a couple of different gripper slipper type things for him to wear as it’s the middle of winter, but these are the best. All of the others he end up walking on the sides of them which can’t be good for his feet. 


      Bought 2 pairs for my bigger boys to use on the trampoline. They absolutely love the designs, say they’re ‘super comfy’ and are so far great for giving them a bit of grip especially if bouncing when the mat is damp. One has decided to also wear them around the house as his slippers so he doesn’t slip on our tiles and wooden floors when he is chasing his brothers! They are very much looking forward to trying them at the pool, once we are allowed to go there again and on holiday at the beach as well. I’ve been really impressed with them so far.
      Also to mention that I hadn’t realised before buying them that the top of the toe is reinforced with the same material as the bottoms which is great. I was initially a bit worried that they might wear at the toe quite quickly but no such worries now.

      Good product

      Nice looking product.
      Ideal for extra toddler grip on wooden floors.
      Highly recommended.

      received on time and looks good

      I have not given these away to the children yet as I have not seen them. Am happy to give you a review later in the year. Delivery was good and well packed. Nice presentation. So I expect that it will be all good.

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